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Welcome to Pro Cherry Picker Training, your premier destination for top-quality cherry picker training in Wiltshire.

With our wealth of experience and expertise, accredited training programs, and highly qualified instructors, we are committed to ensuring your safety and compliance in operating cherry pickers.


From basic to advanced training, refresher courses, on-site training, and bespoke programs, we offer a range of options to suit your needs.

Explore our competitive cherry picker training costs and discover the numerous benefits of our training services.

Trust us for all your cherry picker training needs!

Why Choose Us for Cherry Picker Training?

In terms of cherry picker training in Wiltshire, choosing us is the best decision you can make.

Our professional approach, competitive prices, and official certification set us apart as the leading training provider in the industry.

At Pro Cherry Picker Training, our commitment to professionalism shines through in every aspect of our services.

From experienced instructors to well-equipped facilities, we ensure that your training experience is top-notch. Our competitive pricing further emphasises our dedication to providing accessible yet high-quality training.

We understand the importance of official certification in the ever-evolving professional landscape, which is why we prioritise helping our clients achieve recognised qualifications.

By choosing us, you are not just investing in training; you are investing in your future success.

Experience and Expertise

Our team at Pro Cherry Picker Training boasts extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of Cherry Picker Training, from machinery operation to safety training.

We are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills needed to operate Cherry Pickers safely and efficiently.

Our team members bring a wealth of knowledge in handling various types of machinery and conducting thorough safety training.

Accredited and Comprehensive Training Programs

At Pro Cherry Picker Training, we offer accredited and comprehensive training programmes that adhere to the latest safety regulations. Our industrial training covers a wide range of course options to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Pro Cherry Picker Training takes pride in providing courses that not only equip individuals with the necessary skills but also ensure they understand the importance of safety regulations in the workplace.

Highly Qualified and Experienced Instructors

Our team of highly qualified and experienced instructors at Pro Cherry Picker Training ensures that you receive top-notch guidance throughout your training.

They are experts in IPAF certification and emphasise the importance of personal protective equipment.

Our instructors possess extensive knowledge in the field of aerial work platforms and are adept at preparing you for the challenges that IPAF certification entails.

With years of hands-on experience, they offer valuable insights into the safe operation of cherry pickers and scissor lifts.

What We Offer for Cherry Picker Training

At Pro Cherry Picker Training, we provide a wide range of training options tailored to your needs. From basic and advanced Cherry Picker Training to bespoke courses and IPAF Certification and Renewal services, we have everything you need to enhance your skills.

Our basic Cherry Picker Training in Wiltshire covers fundamental operational aspects, safety protocols, and equipment handling techniques.

For those seeking more comprehensive insights, our advanced courses delve deeper into intricate manoeuvres, challenging scenarios, and emergency procedures.

If you have specific requirements, our bespoke training allows customisation to address your exact needs effectively.

We offer IPAF Certification and Renewal services to ensure you meet industry standards, stay updated with regulations, and validate your skills professionally.

Basic Cherry Picker Training

Our Basic Cherry Picker Training programme at Pro Cherry Picker Training focuses on introducing participants to the fundamentals of operating raised machinery in Wiltshire. Safety precautions are paramount in this foundational course.

Participants in this programme gain hands-on experience in navigating cherry pickers to reach heights safely and efficiently.

The curriculum covers essential aspects such as pre-operation inspections, proper use of controls, and emergency procedures.

Emphasis is placed on workplace safety practices and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent accidents and injuries. Trainees also learn about load capacity limitations, stability factors, and the importance of secure harnessing techniques.

Advanced Cherry Picker Training

For those seeking advanced skills in Cherry Picker operation, our Advanced Cherry Picker Training programme at Pro Cherry Picker Training covers high platforms and specialised course options to elevate your proficiency.

Participants in the programme will have the opportunity to learn advanced techniques for navigating and operating Cherry Pickers at heights, honing their abilities to work efficiently and safely in complex environments.

Expert instructors guide students through hands-on simulations and real-world scenarios, ensuring that they are well-equipped to handle challenging situations.

Specialised courses tailored to specific industries such as construction, warehousing, and maintenance are also available, allowing individuals to focus on enhancing their skills within their particular field of work.

Refresher Cherry Picker Training

Our Refresher Cherry Picker Training course is designed for individuals looking to renew their skills on raised access platforms. Training and testing components ensure that participants are up-to-date with the latest practices.

The course focuses on refreshing participants’ knowledge and skills in operating various types of cherry pickers. It covers important safety measures and best practices to ensure a safe working environment.

Participants will engage in hands-on training sessions to practise operating the equipment efficiently. The training includes theoretical modules to reinforce understanding of key concepts related to cherry picker operations.

On-Site Cherry Picker Training

Our On-Site Cherry Picker Training services bring the expertise directly to your location, ensuring convenience and tailored instruction on your machinery. We offer flexible course options to meet your specific training needs.

By opting for on-site training, you eliminate the hassle of travel and minimise downtime, allowing your team to focus on learning within familiar surroundings.

The tailored instruction means that the training can be customised to address the specific requirements of your cherry picker models and operational environment.

The flexible course options enable you to schedule training sessions at times that best suit your workflow, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations while maximising the educational impact.

Bespoke Cherry Picker Training

Our Tailor-Made Cherry Picker Training solutions in Wiltshire cater to unique training requirements in industrial settings. We offer customised course options that address specific challenges and operational needs.

These tailored solutions provided by Pro Cherry Picker Training focus on delivering training programmes that are designed to suit various industrial settings such as warehouses, construction sites, and manufacturing plants.

The bespoke nature of the training ensures that each course is tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants, considering factors like the type of equipment used, working environments, and safety regulations.

By offering flexible scheduling and on-site training options, Pro Cherry Picker Training makes it convenient for companies to provide their employees with the necessary skills and knowledge in the operation and maintenance of cherry pickers.

The customised courses also include hands-on practical sessions to enhance the learning experience and ensure that participants are well-prepared to handle the equipment safely and efficiently.

IPAF Certification and Renewal

Our IPAF Certification and Renewal services at Pro Cherry Picker Training ensure that participants receive accredited certification to operate Cherry Pickers legally and safely. Licensing requirements are thoroughly addressed to meet industry standards.

Pro Cherry Picker Training offers comprehensive instruction to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle Cherry Pickers efficiently and safely.

IPAF Certification not only emphasises practical training but also focuses on theoretical aspects, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

Participants can benefit from expert guidance and hands-on practice sessions to hone their operational skills.

The accreditation process involves rigorous assessment and evaluation to guarantee compliance with industry regulations and safety standards.

Cherry Picker Training Costs

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Benefits of Cherry Picker Training

Enrolling in Cherry Picker Training at Pro Cherry Picker Training offers numerous benefits, including enhanced safety knowledge, proficient machinery operation skills, and compliance with industry regulations.

By participating in this specialised training programme, individuals can gain invaluable insights into the best practices for working at heights, mastering the controls of cherry pickers, and ensuring that all operations are conducted in alignment with stringent safety protocols.

Through a combination of theoretical modules and hands-on practical sessions, trainees develop a deep understanding of workplace hazards, emergency procedures, and the importance of regular equipment maintenance to prevent accidents.

Cherry Picker Training Safety Standards

At Pro Cherry Picker Training, we prioritise safety standards in all our Wiltshire training programmes.

From safety precautions to site safety guidelines, we ensure that participants are equipped to operate Cherry Pickers securely and confidently.

Our comprehensive safety measures include detailed training on proper harness usage and emergency protocols.

Participants are trained to perform thorough equipment inspections before operation, ensuring that all safety features are in place and functional.

Our instructors stress the importance of maintaining a safe distance from power lines and other hazards while operating Cherry Pickers.

Site safety guidelines are ingrained in every aspect of our training, from understanding load capacities to navigating uneven terrains with caution.

Through a combination of theory and practical sessions, we instil a safety-first mindset in all our trainees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pro Cherry Picker Training?

Pro Cherry Picker Training is a leading training provider in the UK that specialises in providing comprehensive and quality training for operating cherry pickers.

We have a team of experienced and certified trainers who are committed to providing top-notch training services to our clients.

Why should I choose Pro Cherry Picker Training?

At Pro Cherry Picker Training, we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing high-quality training services.

Our trainers have years of experience in the industry and are up-to-date with the latest safety regulations and standards. We also offer flexible training options to suit your schedule and budget.

What types of cherry picker training courses do you offer?

We offer a variety of cherry picker training courses, including certified courses.

We also offer bespoke courses tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Are your trainers certified and experienced?

Yes, all of our trainers are certified and have extensive experience in the industry. They go through regular training themselves to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest safety regulations and standards.

Our trainers are also passionate about what they do and are dedicated to providing the best training experience for our clients.

Do you offer on-site training?

Yes, we offer on-site training for your convenience. Our trainers will come to your location and conduct the training on your cherry picker equipment.

This allows your employees to learn in a familiar environment and ensures they are trained on the specific equipment they will be using.

How do I book a cherry picker training course with Pro Cherry Picker Training?

Booking a cherry picker training course with us is easy and hassle-free. You can fill out the contact form on our website, and one of our team members will get back to you shortly.

You can also give us a call or send us an email, and we will be happy to assist you with your booking.


Pro Cherry Picker Training stands as the industry leader in providing comprehensive Cherry Picker Training solutions tailored to your needs.

Our diverse course options, safety-focused approach, and numerous benefits make us the ideal choice for your training requirements.

Pro Cherry Picker Training prides itself on offering a range of specialised courses throughout Wiltshire , including aerial lift training, scissor lift certification, and boom lift safety training.

These programmes are designed to equip participants with the necessary skills to operate Cherry Pickers safely and efficiently.

With a strong emphasis on safety, our training ensures that individuals are prepared to handle various workplace scenarios, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Besides the technical skills, our courses also emphasise the importance of regulatory compliance and best practices in Cherry Picker operation.

By choosing Pro Cherry Picker Training, you are investing in not just a certification but a commitment to safety excellence in your organisation.

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I recently completed a cherry picker training course with Pro Cherry Picker Training, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. The level of expertise and knowledge shared by the trainers was outstanding. They covered every aspect of cherry picker operation, from safety protocols to efficient manoeuvring, with a strong emphasis on real-life applications.

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Enrolling in the cherry picker training program offered by Pro Cherry Picker Training was a pivotal moment in my professional development. The trainers were exceptional, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills in a way that was both engaging and informative.

Lewis Ramsey


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